OK, here is the online tour of the new space!  Feel free to stop by and we give you a real, live tour too!  This is the outside of our building.  We’re up on the third floor of the Merchants Exchange Building.

Lobby directory.  Who needs to dot i’s anymore?  (not that I am picky or anything…)

Almost inside!

Welcome!  This is the main viewing space BEFORE it was Emily-ized.

Who knew there were 3459873 shades of grey?  Final choice was “Elephant Skin”, primarily because of the name.  I think if the photography thing doesn’t work out, I’d like to go into naming paint colors.

Respective office doors.

Let the painting begin!  Ike was bored supervising.

Break time!

First coat is done!

Lookin’ good!  (The paint job, not us!)

Elephant skin was nice but needed something more…enter Tequila Lime!  It’s not just lime, it’s L.I.M.E.!!!!  More on this later…

Finished product!

Another view.

Starting over with some more “before” pictures this time facing the entrance.  “Will the TV fit?” was Justin’s biggest concern…


The dog wall!

My office looking slightly cleaner than normal.  I apparently forgot to take “before” pictures of the offices.  

Remember Tequila Lime?  Here it is in all its’ glory.  Yep, definitely lime.

Justin’s office:

And from the other angle:

Canvas and card samples.And that concludes the online office tour!  Let me know if you want the in person office tour!

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