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Emily Griffith

11.05.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life

Greetings from Portland, Maine!

Hey!  Long time, no blog!  You may remember waaaay back to the first part of this year when I did so well with my “iPhone Photo of the Day” using the Photo365 app.  Remember!?!? (PROOF: January, February, March, April) and then….well…  Four out of twelve months ain’t bad, right?  Well, I have an excuse.  Sort of.  My iPhone freaked out and erased my life phone guts, including A.L.L. my daily photos and captions.  BUMMER.  And of course I hadn’t gotten around to setting up iCloud or any sort of backup for at least 6 months.  Totally my fault and totally not the end of the world but still made me annoyed enough to stop my diligent “Photo of the Day” taking.

Anyway, in case you haven’t heard…We moved to Maine!  And the pain of losing my photo data has subsided so I may jump back on the bandwagon.  At least here’s a start along with a quick video update about life at the Griffith’s in Maine!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO:  Greetings from Portland


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05.07.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life

April according to the iPhone

Seriously…April is over?

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04.05.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life

March in Review…

Hello poor, neglected blog!  Remember me?!  March was BUSY and here’s an iPhone recap.  I’ve been diligently taking a photo a day with my phone (MOST of the time) and my big camera has been pretty busy too so I have lots of posts coming up!  In the meantime, HAPPY EASTER!  

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03.14.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life

CO in review

Because I’m obsessed with Instagram and iphoneography lately, here’s a bunch of iPhone photos from my Colorado trip.  And if you want to read a MUCH more entertaining version of my trip, head on over to The Candace’s blog!

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03.02.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life

February Recap

Wait.  What?  February is over?  I forgot to take a photo three days this month but added a few extras to make up for the ones i missed.  If you’re wondering what this is all about, visit January‘s post.  Happy weekend!  

1. Ike.

2. My dear friend Molly made this.  She is awesome.

3. Decided to try out the spare today.  🙁

4. S’mores in a jar.  Yes please.

5. Yes it’s true, I prefer crafts over the Superbowl.

6. Quick visit with Erica in Sioux Falls.

7. Hanging out with Kai.

8. I admit it, I’m a crazy dog lady.

9. Fun socks are better than boring socks.

10. Had a shoot in St. Cloud today and met Julia for dinner at Toast.  I think I found my new favorite restaurant.

11. Three dogs.

12. Grandpa’s cookies.  54 dozen for the year already.

12-2. Moxy is our only dog for a few days.  Ike stayed in Watertown since we’ll be gone for awhile.  Glad she is here while Ike is away!

13. Who needs flowers when there’s Apple products?

14. Backstage shooting Americana Showcase.  Bob Wooten, the Dovetailers, and the Sudden Lovelys.

15. OMG.  I never say OMG but OMG.  It’s beautiful here.

15.-2.  Loveland Pass.  p.s. I’m glad I have 4 wheel drive.

16.  A first: shoot on skis!

17.  Oops no photo, shooting a wedding today.

18. Boulder Comfort Coffee.  Y.U.M.

18-2.  Cute art in Boulder.

19.  Exploring Pearl Street.

20. At Dushanbe Tea House with a bloom tea.

20-2. At Chautauqua!

21.  Snowshoeing at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Forest.  Estes Park.

22.  Skiing with Candace and Zack at Eldora.

23. Flew into the cities today, met Dad for dinner at Snuffy’s and skyped with Erica.

24. Missing Ike.  Renting Sebastian.

25. Chair Affair.

26.  Oops, no picture.

27.  Oops, no picture.

28. Didn’t actually go to Crossfit.  Went next door to kickboxing.

29.  COFFEE.


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02.08.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life


Us.  On the iPhone.  During some down time in the Dominican Republic for Brittany + Kasey’s wedding.  Can we go back now?

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02.06.12 | blog, iPhonography, my life

January Recap

“Pictures help me remember when I forget and I want to remember everything…”  This is part of my philosophy about why I am a photographer.  I want to remember the good and sometimes the bad too.  I always say I want to shoot more for myself, now is the time to actually do it!  iPhone style!  I’ve posted several iPhone photo shoots here before (remember Brianne + Aaron’s wedding?) but I decided I could step it up and commit to taking one iPhone photo a day in 2012.  It’s quick, easy and always with me.  There’s a couple oops-I-forgot-quick-take-a-pic-of-Ike-before-bed photos but for the most part, I’ve been doing pretty well!  The Photo365 app is helping me stay organized!  Here they are in chronological order, starting 12:01am New Year’s Day!

1.  New Year’s Eve marble game!

2.  Had mom’s vegetable beef soup today .  With dumplings.  Yum.

3.  Enjoying the Christmas tree.  Just a little late.

4.  Feeling bummed out today.  Junk food therapy.  Bad idea.

5.  It’s January 5 and it’s 50 degrees out.   Weird.  But I’m not complaining.

6.  Ike and two of his girlfriends, Lola and Milly on Lola’s birthday.

7.  Nibbles.

8.  At Welch Village.

9.  Barefoot training started in the studio.

10.  Seriously.  It was 56 degrees out today. And yes, I am wearing that outfit.

11.  My boys.

12.  Breakfast in bed.  The best.

13.  More nibbles.  Either I get a lot of nibbles or I forgot to take a pic today.  Or both.

14.  Six Mile Grove and Bob Wooten at the Pine Island Theatre.

15.  Oh “BADWORD”.  Flight mixup today.  Cannot miss our flight tomorrow morning.

16.  Happy to finally be in the DR!

17.  I still feel small when I stand beside the ocean.

18.  I miss my dog when I travel.  I end up taking 3892 pics of animals to compensate.  This guy was especially friendly.

19.  My view for most of the day.

20.  ‘Cause why not?

21.  Missed this face while we were gone.

22.  He’s leaving for a week tomorrow.  Now I’m gonna miss this face.

23.  Sorting, organizing and archiving old shoots on DVD.  Transferring them to hard drives makes me realize I’ve taken A LOT of photos.

24.  Good Dog Camp!

25.  Wine and cheese at Sontes.

26.  Artwalk

27.  Supervisin’  And no, he normally does not lay on the desk…

28.  Was a lazy Saturday at home.

29.  Card from Julia.

30.  A find from my antique trip!

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08.16.11 | blog, iPhonography, my life

Brianne + Aaron

My dear friend got married.  And I got to be one of her bridesmaids.  I left my big camera at home (Katie was in charge of the real photos) but I remember life better with pictures so out came the iPhone (plus it fit way better in my pocket…did I mention my dress had POCKETS!?).  My life revolves around the technicalities of taking wedding photos but there’s something I love about these.  Little imperfect snippets throughout the day.  Brianne + Aaron, I loved being a part of your wedding.  I loved getting all gussied up and wearing a pretty dress (with pockets!).  I loved seeing you smile the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen you smile.  All day long.  I loved seeing you walk down the aisle as a Berge and up the aisle as a Hill.  I loved seeing your family’s skit after skit after skit.  I loved seeing your dad tear up during his speech.  I loved your brother’s song to you.  I love our memories together and I love being your friend.  Congratulations, Berge and Aaron.  xoxo


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