Part I of Johann + Yasmin’s wedding can be seen here and that was just the beginning!  Saturday was the big day!  The morning started off with a Maine sunrise, a lovely breakfast and getting ready at the gorgeous Norumbega Inn in Camden, Maine.  The Baraat was the first event of the day and is the traditional arrival of the groom’s family from their village to the bride’s home.  Johann ceremoniously rode a horse while his family and friends danced to the beat of the dholak drum on the way to meet Yasmin’s family.  When the Baraat reached the Milni, or the meeting point, at Union Hall, both families greeted each other and exchanged flower garlands to symbolize their new union.  Following this was the Anand Karaj, the Sikh marriage ceremony meaning “blissful union”.  All of these events were new to me and it was such a honor to be a part of it all.  I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again, I love weddings!  I love all the details, traditions (both new and familiar), I love the happy tears, the dresses, the hugs, the excitement.  But above all that, what I love most is love.  I love being able to witness and document the love shared by the couple as well as the love surrounding them from family and friends.  And there was an abundance of that here!  Congratulations, Johann and Yasmin on an incredible celebration of your love!  emilygriffith_0040emilygriffith_0043emilygriffith_0044emilygriffith_0041

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