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Emily Griffith

01.27.14 | blog, weddings

Tyler + Lindsey

Where to begin with these two…  They got married on the most beautiful day in December.  I’m not joking.  It seriously was a 40 degree day filled with bright sunlight, fresh, sparkly snow and Christmas was still lingering in the air.  I could get used to a winter like that!  And they chose the  Rochester Art Center for both their ceremony and reception which is one of my favorites.  Plus, they had so many sweet touches that made their day special and unique.  But that’s not the best part.  The best part is that these two are probably the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  They are incredibly thoughtful, kind, relaxed and downright happy.  Oh, did I mention in love?  From their families to their friends to the love between the two of them, it was infectious!  My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!  From the bottom of my heart, congratulations on an amazing wedding.  You both were an absolute joy to work with and I hope you have many, many, many days as wonderful as your wedding!

A very special thanks to Sarah Field for second shooting with me!  And to Heather Ritenour-Sampson for designing the beautiful florals!

lt wedding 3843.JPG
lt wedding 3869.JPG
lt wedding 3923 1.jpg
lt wedding 4070 1.jpg
lt wedding 4075 1.jpg
lt wedding 4173 1.jpg
lt wedding 4290.JPG
lt wedding 4293 1.jpg
lt wedding 4308.JPG
lt wedding 4317 1.jpg
lt wedding 4326.JPG
lt wedding 4354.JPG
lt wedding 4468.JPG
lt wedding 4493.JPG
lt wedding 4540.JPG
lt wedding 4613 1.jpg
lt wedding 4692.JPG
lt wedding 4759.JPG
lt wedding 4950.JPG
lt wedding 5073.JPG
lt wedding 5122.JPG
lt wedding 5182.JPG
lt wedding 5586.JPG
lt wedding 5226.JPG
lt wedding 5511.JPG
lt wedding 5432.JPG
lt wedding 5645.JPG
lt wedding 5762.JPG
lt wedding 5771.JPG
lt wedding 5794 1.jpg
lt wedding 5821 1.jpg
lt wedding 5857.JPG
tl wedding 1 (20).jpg
lt wedding 5906 1.jpg
tl wedding 1 (27).jpg
lt wedding 5977 1.jpg
lt wedding 6025.JPG
lt wedding 6068.JPG
lt wedding 6256.JPG
lt wedding 6308.JPG
lt wedding 6384 1.jpg
lt wedding 6408 1.jpg
lt wedding 6528 1.jpg
lt wedding 6538 1.jpg
lt wedding 6595 1.jpg
lt wedding 6657 1.jpg

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11.27.13 | blog, weddings

Mark + Sarah

Mark and Sarah’s wedding was my first wedding in Maine!  And it was a good one.  They started their day out by having their first meeting at the Wire Bridge near New Portland, ME.  This place in itself is incredible, the bridge was built in the 1800s and is believed to be the only surviving bridge of it’s kind in the US.  Then we headed to the ceremony which was in Mark’s parents’ back yard on the beautiful Ira Mountain.  Add in the most perfect fall weather and more importantly, an awesome couple surrounded by their closest family and friends and that equals an incredible day.  Congratulations Mark and Sarah!

01ms wedding 2458.JPG
1ms wedding 9027.JPG
2ms wedding 9037.JPG
3ms wedding 9042.JPG
4ms wedding 0888.JPG
5ms wedding 0739 1.jpg
6ms wedding 0796.JPG
7ms wedding 0837.JPG
8ms wedding 0867.JPG
9ms wedding 9137 1.jpg
10ms wedding 0952 1.jpg
11ms wedding 1011.JPG
12ms wedding 1165.JPG
13ms wedding 9233.JPG
14ms wedding 9294.JPG
15ms wedding 1320 1.jpg
16ms wedding 9329 1.jpg
17ms wedding 1416.JPG
18ms wedding 9320.JPG
19ms wedding 9374.JPG
20ms wedding 1556 1.jpg
21ms wedding 1017.JPG
22ms wedding 1024.JPG
23ms wedding 2449.JPG
24ms wedding 2473.JPG
25ms wedding 2495.JPG
26ms wedding 2286.JPG
27ms wedding 2093.JPG
28ms wedding 2326.JPG
29ms wedding 3370.JPG
30ms wedding 2845.JPG
ms wedding 2859.JPG
31ms wedding 2846.JPG
32ms wedding 2860.JPG
33ms wedding 2870.JPG
34ms wedding 2934.JPG
35ms wedding 3009.JPG
36ms wedding 2954.JPG
ms wedding 3056.JPG
ms wedding 3188.JPG
ms wedding 9633.JPG
ms wedding 3266.JPG
43ms wedding 3422 1.jpg

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10.20.13 | blog, weddings

Kristi + Nate

Kristi and Nate were married at the end of August at the beautiful Somerby Golf Club.  It was an amazing day with a lovely bride, handsome groom, beautiful location, an awesome wedding party, and a love worth celebrating.  Congratulations, you two! We loved spending the day with you and hope you have many, many married days as happy as your wedding day!  Special thanks to Sarah Field for second shooting with me!

kn wedding 2716.JPG
kn wedding 2727.JPG
kn wedding 2796.JPG
kn wedding 2894 1.jpg
kn wedding 2917 1.jpg
kn wedding 2947 1.jpg
kn wedding 2998.JPG
kn wedding 2999 1.jpg
kn wedding 3000 1.jpg
kn wedding 3029.JPG
kn wedding 3030.JPG
kn wedding 3042.JPG
kn wedding 3058.JPG
kn wedding 3069.JPG
kn wedding 3184.JPG
kn wedding 3231.JPG
kn wedding 3232.JPG
kn wedding 3345.JPG
kn wedding 3418.JPG
kn wedding 3438.JPG
kn wedding 3439.JPG
kn wedding 3488.JPG
kn wedding 3489.JPG
kn wedding 3490.jpg
kn wedding 4219.JPG
kn wedding 4260.JPG
kn wedding 4457.JPG
kn wedding 4747.JPG
kn wedding 4748.jpg
kn wedding 4749.jpg
kn wedding 4750.jpg
kn wedding 4814.JPG
kn wedding 6768 1.jpg
kn wedding 6780.JPG
kn wedding 6883.JPG
kn wedding 6899.jpg
kn wedding 6900.JPG
kn wedding 6901.jpg
kn wedding 6902.jpg
kn wedding 6918.JPG
kn wedding 6954.JPG
kn wedding 7000.JPG
kn wedding 7001.JPG
kn wedding 7002.jpg
kn wedding 7003.JPG
kn wedding 7004.jpg
kn wedding 7006.jpg
kn wedding 7007.jpg
kn wedding 7008.jpg
kn wedding 8000.jpg
kn wedding 7005.jpg

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08.09.13 | blog, weddings

Ellen + Darrick

Ellen + Darrick were married at the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN and from start to finish, their day was a fairy tale.  Remember them from their engagement session?  The super cute couple with the adorable dog?  Yep, that’s them.  As it turns out, they make a beautiful bride and groom as well.  And not only are they super stylish and adorable, they also are incredibly thoughtful, kind and sweet.  They are so gentle with each other, their love is obvious and infectious.  And the thought and consideration that went into making all the details of their day special and sentimental was phenomenal.  Ellen and Darrick, I have loved getting to know you and feel so thankful to share in a part of your story.  Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful love!

p.s.  Special thanks to the fabulous Sarah Field for second shooting with me!

p.p.s. Denae Brennan coordinated all the details of the day…thank goodness for people like her!

p.p.p.s. Love + Brain films did some fantastic videography of their day…you can check it out here!

dewedding 7893.JPGdewedding 0102.JPG
dewedding 7951.JPG
dewedding 7975.JPGdewedding 7908.JPGdewedding 8011 1.jpg
dewedding 8022 1.jpgdewedding 8152 1.jpgdewedding 8203 1.jpgdewedding 8235 1.jpg
dewedding 8250.JPG
dewedding 8265 1.jpgdewedding  8279.jpgdewedding 0091.JPGdewedding  8267.jpgdewedding 8329.JPGdewedding 8400.JPGdewedding 8439.JPGdewedding 8446.JPGdewedding 8622.JPGdewedding 8524.JPGdewedding 8562 1.jpgdewedding 8838 1.jpgdewedding 8730.JPGdewedding 8906.JPGdewedding 9020.JPGdewedding 9061.JPGdewedding 9102.JPGdewedding 9219.JPGdewedding 9493.JPGdewedding 9360.JPGdewedding 7903.JPGdewedding 8369 1.jpgdewedding 9802 1.jpgdewedding 8366 1.jpg dewedding 8548 1.jpgdewedding 8570 1.jpgdewedding 9816.JPGdewedding 8649.JPGdewedding 8708 1.jpgdewedding 9913.JPGdewedding 8963.JPGdewedding 8835.JPGdewedding 9925.JPGdewedding 9936.JPGdewedding 0169.JPGdewedding 0168.JPGdewedding 0210 1.jpgdewedding 3106.jpgdewedding 0136.JPGdewedding 8741 1.jpgdewedding 0501 1.jpg

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07.11.13 | blog, weddings

Andrea + Miah

Remember Andrea and Miah’s engagement session from last summer?  Their wedding was in the first part of June and it was gorgeous!  It was my first wedding back since Clara was born and although I didn’t want to leave her, it was good to be back!  These two are so awesome and in love, they are the kind of people that make me love my job!  Congratulations on an amazing wedding, it was a beautiful celebration of your love!

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11.30.12 | blog, weddings

Patricia + Michael

Patricia and Michael’s Boston engagement session was my inaugural shoot on the East Coast this summer and their wedding near Baltimore was THE BEST way to start my first few official days out East.  They were married outdoors at Tricia’s parents beautiful home overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: I love weddings.  But what I love more is working with awesome people on one of the happiest days of their lives.  There were so many times throughout their day where I was filled with happiness.  Happiness for Michael and Patricia as they start this new adventure together.  Happiness for the love surrounding them from family and friends.  Happiness for the beauty in all the little details.  Happiness for the possibilities that having a camera opens up for me.  It was a fantastic day…CONGRATULATIONS, Tricia and Mike!  We are beyond happy for you and wish you many days as happy as your wedding day.

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11.15.12 | blog, weddings

Nicole + Cole

Remember Nicole and Cole?  We did their engagement photos about a year ago and just photographed their beautiful September wedding!  It was an amazing day with a lovely bride, handsome groom, beautiful location, an awesome wedding party, and a love worth celebrating.  Congratulations, you two! We loved spending the day with you and hope you have many, many married days as happy as your wedding day!

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08.24.12 | blog, weddings

Martin + Nana

Martin + Nana were married on a gorgeous August day in Minneapolis.  Not only was it a special day for the two of them but their families as well.  They had guests from all over the world!  It was fantastic to witness not only the love they have for each other but the love surrounding them from their family and friends.  The details of the day were meticulously planned.  Munster Rose did an amazing job on the florals and the Semple Mansion was the perfect venue.

Martin, (my fellow Cobber) it was so fun to meet your beautiful bride, Nana! And Nana, I’m so happy you and Martin found one another! We had so much fun photographing your big day! Congratulations to you both!

A special thanks to Jessica Smith for second shooting with me!  And a shout out to Northern Lights Video who provided the video coverage and did this amazing same day edit video for them.

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08.18.12 | blog, weddings

Kim + Julie

Kim + Julie were married at the Decordova Museum near Boston, MA.  Happiness and love was overflowing among family, friends, the couple, and within all the details that made the day specifically “them”.  It was probably the most sincere and personal ceremony I have ever attended as they incorporated both of their traditions, Jewish and Lutheran, into the service.  Kim, you have been a dear, dear friend since our days at Concordia in Minnesoooota.  I have never seen you happier and can’t congratulate you and Julie enough.  Celebrating with you two was a joy and an honor.  Cheers to many more days as happy as your wedding day!  xoxox.

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08.01.12 | blog, weddings

Neal + Jessica

You may remember these two from their engagement session last summer.  It’s easy to mistake them for J.Crew models, I know.  Which is one reason why I was excited to shoot their wedding.  But even more than that, they are extra special friends.  Neal and Justin have been best buds since they were little kids and even though miles and time separate them, their friendship stays the same.  Everyone needs a friend like that.  So while I always love weddings, I really loved this wedding.  Our hearts were bursting with happiness for you two every time we turned around: there was love in all the little details, the hugs, the tears, the laughter, the looks shared between people.  CONGRATULATIONS, Neal and Jessica!  We are beyond happy for you and wish you many, many days as happy as your wedding day.  xoxox.


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