Ellen + Darrick were married at the Mayowood Stone Barn in Rochester, MN and from start to finish, their day was a fairy tale.  Remember them from their engagement session?  The super cute couple with the adorable dog?  Yep, that’s them.  As it turns out, they make a beautiful bride and groom as well.  And not only are they super stylish and adorable, they also are incredibly thoughtful, kind and sweet.  They are so gentle with each other, their love is obvious and infectious.  And the thought and consideration that went into making all the details of their day special and sentimental was phenomenal.  Ellen and Darrick, I have loved getting to know you and feel so thankful to share in a part of your story.  Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful love!

p.s.  Special thanks to the fabulous Sarah Field for second shooting with me!

p.p.s. Denae Brennan coordinated all the details of the day…thank goodness for people like her!

p.p.p.s. Love + Brain films did some fantastic videography of their day…you can check it out here!

dewedding 7893.JPGdewedding 0102.JPG
dewedding 7951.JPG
dewedding 7975.JPGdewedding 7908.JPGdewedding 8011 1.jpg
dewedding 8022 1.jpgdewedding 8152 1.jpgdewedding 8203 1.jpgdewedding 8235 1.jpg
dewedding 8250.JPG
dewedding 8265 1.jpgdewedding  8279.jpgdewedding 0091.JPGdewedding  8267.jpgdewedding 8329.JPGdewedding 8400.JPGdewedding 8439.JPGdewedding 8446.JPGdewedding 8622.JPGdewedding 8524.JPGdewedding 8562 1.jpgdewedding 8838 1.jpgdewedding 8730.JPGdewedding 8906.JPGdewedding 9020.JPGdewedding 9061.JPGdewedding 9102.JPGdewedding 9219.JPGdewedding 9493.JPGdewedding 9360.JPGdewedding 7903.JPGdewedding 8369 1.jpgdewedding 9802 1.jpgdewedding 8366 1.jpg dewedding 8548 1.jpgdewedding 8570 1.jpgdewedding 9816.JPGdewedding 8649.JPGdewedding 8708 1.jpgdewedding 9913.JPGdewedding 8963.JPGdewedding 8835.JPGdewedding 9925.JPGdewedding 9936.JPGdewedding 0169.JPGdewedding 0168.JPGdewedding 0210 1.jpgdewedding 3106.jpgdewedding 0136.JPGdewedding 8741 1.jpgdewedding 0501 1.jpg

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