Mark and Sarah’s wedding was my first wedding in Maine!  And it was a good one.  They started their day out by having their first meeting at the Wire Bridge near New Portland, ME.  This place in itself is incredible, the bridge was built in the 1800s and is believed to be the only surviving bridge of it’s kind in the US.  Then we headed to the ceremony which was in Mark’s parents’ back yard on the beautiful Ira Mountain.  Add in the most perfect fall weather and more importantly, an awesome couple surrounded by their closest family and friends and that equals an incredible day.  Congratulations Mark and Sarah!

01ms wedding 2458.JPG
1ms wedding 9027.JPG
2ms wedding 9037.JPG
3ms wedding 9042.JPG
4ms wedding 0888.JPG
5ms wedding 0739 1.jpg
6ms wedding 0796.JPG
7ms wedding 0837.JPG
8ms wedding 0867.JPG
9ms wedding 9137 1.jpg
10ms wedding 0952 1.jpg
11ms wedding 1011.JPG
12ms wedding 1165.JPG
13ms wedding 9233.JPG
14ms wedding 9294.JPG
15ms wedding 1320 1.jpg
16ms wedding 9329 1.jpg
17ms wedding 1416.JPG
18ms wedding 9320.JPG
19ms wedding 9374.JPG
20ms wedding 1556 1.jpg
21ms wedding 1017.JPG
22ms wedding 1024.JPG
23ms wedding 2449.JPG
24ms wedding 2473.JPG
25ms wedding 2495.JPG
26ms wedding 2286.JPG
27ms wedding 2093.JPG
28ms wedding 2326.JPG
29ms wedding 3370.JPG
30ms wedding 2845.JPG
ms wedding 2859.JPG
31ms wedding 2846.JPG
32ms wedding 2860.JPG
33ms wedding 2870.JPG
34ms wedding 2934.JPG
35ms wedding 3009.JPG
36ms wedding 2954.JPG
ms wedding 3056.JPG
ms wedding 3188.JPG
ms wedding 9633.JPG
ms wedding 3266.JPG
43ms wedding 3422 1.jpg

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