I want to remember…how quickly time passes.  It’s cliche, but my new year’s resolution last year was to stop saying things, “I can’t believe she’s a year old already!” or “I can’t believe January is almost over!”  While all of these things are true, (By the way, HOW IN THE WORLD IS SHE ALMOST ONE!!??  and HOW IN THE WORLD IS JANUARY two thousand fourteen (really?!?! FOURTEEN!?!?) ALMOST OVER!?!?!?)  I don’t want to mourn how quickly time passes nor wish it away.  I guess the moral of the story is to simply enjoy the present.  Awfully cheesy?  Yes.  But oh so true.  And there is no other time that I want to be fully present in my life than now.  These two photos remind me how fast time goes and how much can change in just one short year.  (35 weeks on 1.31.13 and 10 months old 1.21.14)

p.s.  If you want to tear up today, watch this quick video by Boba: You Made Me a Mother 

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