“Pictures help me remember when I forget and I want to remember everything…”  This is part of my philosophy about why I am a photographer.  I want to remember the good and sometimes the bad too.  I always say I want to shoot more for myself, now is the time to actually do it!  iPhone style!  I’ve posted several iPhone photo shoots here before (remember Brianne + Aaron’s wedding?) but I decided I could step it up and commit to taking one iPhone photo a day in 2012.  It’s quick, easy and always with me.  There’s a couple oops-I-forgot-quick-take-a-pic-of-Ike-before-bed photos but for the most part, I’ve been doing pretty well!  The Photo365 app is helping me stay organized!  Here they are in chronological order, starting 12:01am New Year’s Day!

1.  New Year’s Eve marble game!

2.  Had mom’s vegetable beef soup today .  With dumplings.  Yum.

3.  Enjoying the Christmas tree.  Just a little late.

4.  Feeling bummed out today.  Junk food therapy.  Bad idea.

5.  It’s January 5 and it’s 50 degrees out.   Weird.  But I’m not complaining.

6.  Ike and two of his girlfriends, Lola and Milly on Lola’s birthday.

7.  Nibbles.

8.  At Welch Village.

9.  Barefoot training started in the studio.

10.  Seriously.  It was 56 degrees out today. And yes, I am wearing that outfit.

11.  My boys.

12.  Breakfast in bed.  The best.

13.  More nibbles.  Either I get a lot of nibbles or I forgot to take a pic today.  Or both.

14.  Six Mile Grove and Bob Wooten at the Pine Island Theatre.

15.  Oh “BADWORD”.  Flight mixup today.  Cannot miss our flight tomorrow morning.

16.  Happy to finally be in the DR!

17.  I still feel small when I stand beside the ocean.

18.  I miss my dog when I travel.  I end up taking 3892 pics of animals to compensate.  This guy was especially friendly.

19.  My view for most of the day.

20.  ‘Cause why not?

21.  Missed this face while we were gone.

22.  He’s leaving for a week tomorrow.  Now I’m gonna miss this face.

23.  Sorting, organizing and archiving old shoots on DVD.  Transferring them to hard drives makes me realize I’ve taken A LOT of photos.

24.  Good Dog Camp!

25.  Wine and cheese at Sontes.

26.  Artwalk

27.  Supervisin’  And no, he normally does not lay on the desk…

28.  Was a lazy Saturday at home.

29.  Card from Julia.

30.  A find from my antique trip!

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