Since I was on a roll with yesterday’s post about Christmas cards, I figured I might as well make mention of birth announcements as well!  The details for birth announcements are the same as Christmas cards:  Cards come in 3 different sizes: 5×7, 5×5 and 4×5.5 and are available folded, tri-folded or flat.  They are sold in packages of 24 and include envelopes.  The photos below show in order: the front of the card, the inside (if applicable) and the back.  I do use some templates but try to make each card different so I like to get your input for wording, favorite photos, etc.

These are 5×5 tri-fold cards.  These are probably my most favorite size because they are so different and impressive.  The front is a 5×5 square and when you open it up, there is another 5×5 flap followed by a 5×15 inside spread.  This is a great way to use a lot of photos in a collage as well as have one standout photo in the middle.  As a side note, all square cards require extra postage.

These next 2 designs are 5×5 tri-fold cards as well and then we included an additional 5×5 flat blank card with similar design elements as an insert for a handwritten thank you note.

Here are the individuals shots of the card so you can see them in better detail…The front:

Inside flap:

Inside Spread:


The thank you insert:

And a 4×5.5 folded card:

And a 5×7 flat card:

And another 5×7 flat card:


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