We have been fortunate to meet some awesome people through Birth Roots, where we took both a birth class as well as a newborn class (can’t say enough good things about this place!) and Calvin and his moms, Anne and Meredith are some of those people! Calvin and Clara are just a few days apart and although we were all strangers, we bonded quickly and will be forever connected because of those bleary eyed, emotional and magical newborn days that we spent together. Now, a year later Calvin is a handsome one year old, walking and showing off his big blue eyes and insanely adorable smile. ┬áDo me a favor and stop growing so fast, OK?
calvin 3851.JPG
calvin 3880.JPG
calvin 3770.JPG
calvin 3712 1.jpg
calvin 3930 1.jpg
calvin 4133.JPG
calvin 4011.JPG
calvin 4023 1.jpg
calvin 4085.JPG
calvin 4243.JPG
calvin 4377.JPG
calvin 4427.JPG
calvin 4539.JPG
calvin 4567.JPG
calvin 4493.JPG
calvin 4606.JPG
calvin 4739.JPG
calvin 4796 1.jpg
calvin 4922 1.jpg
calvin 4963.jpg
calvin 4481.JPG

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