I photographed Chad and Carla’s wedding back in 2009 and met up with them again recently as they now have three beautiful babies, two of which are twins! I love photographing people in their homes, in their own element and I think it was especially fitting for them right now because life is busy and messy and beautiful. A perfectly orchestrated family portrait at a park was not going to happen with three little ones on a super cold morning. So they decided to embrace life as it is! An early morning session over a yummy breakfast followed by some shots piled on the bed in pjs. My goal when doing family photography is to create photographs that communicate the crazy, chaotic and yet beautiful life to new parents now and their grown children later. I feel like we accomplished that here. ¬†Your babies will always know how much they are loved and I hope these are a reminder of this incredible (sometimes difficult but always worth it) stage in your lives. ¬†XOXOXO.
1 fz family 4628.JPG
2 fz family 4666.JPG
3 fz family 4659.JPG
5 fz family 4709 1.jpg
6 fz family 4672.JPG
7 fz family 5769.JPG
8 fz family 4835.JPG
9 fz family 4998.JPG
10 fz family 5162.JPG
11 fz family 4930.JPG
12 fz family 6008.JPG
13 fz family 5849.JPG
14 fz family 5366.JPG
15 fz family 5294 1.jpg
16 fz family 6187 1.jpg
17 fz family 5815 1.jpg

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